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Vegan Chocolate Cake


6" cake - approximately 6-10 portions
10" cake - approximately 28-34 portions
Cake portions are given as a guide and you may be able to get more or less portions, depending on how you cut the cake.
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Chocolate Cake followed by a variety of ingredients :coconut sugar, cacao, bicarbonate of soda, salt, oil, vinegar, buckwheat flour, dark vegan chocolate, coconut whipped cream, cashew, chocolate vegan milk, walnuts, topinambur syrup.


Please be aware that the size may differ a bit depend on the filling but the weight will be what you choose.

That being said please PAY ATTENTION TO THE WEIGHT !!

Please note: All RotariCakes gourmet treats are made in a bakery that handles nuts, gluten, milk, eggs or other allergens.
Wheat (Gluten)

DURABILITY OF PERISHABLE ITEMS: Items such as fresh fruits will have a shorter shelf life, please consume within 24 hours of delivery/collection.

INSTRUCTIONS OF USE: A fresh product made on order. Once delivered/collected, consume within 2 days.

STORAGE: Keep refrigerated unless notified otherwise.

DURABILITY DATE: 2 days from collection/delivery (please refer to the date of collection or delivery to determine the date of expiry). If further help is needed please call or email.

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